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Innovative Solutions Addiction Treatment Center  offers  state-approved, alcohol and other drug treatment, for court referred clients, as well as providing valuable information and feedback for those individuals or employers  looking for solutions.


                                         ISAT Center is Client-Centered

Services begin with a meeting with a counselor to develop a personalized treatment plan based on the client's personal history and long-term goals.   We offer a variety of services that are matched to the client's needs that include individual counseling, low-level group, intensive outpatient group as well as anger management and mental health services.  


Our Philosophy

Producing quality effective programs can’t be hit and miss. They must be carefully planned and consistent, and provide the client  with a broad range of education at the same time targeting specific issues. ISAT specifically designs its programs  to  successfully guide each client to sobriety using a client-centered approach. While utilizing traditional methods and proven newer methods ISAT and its staff are able to provide that information while offering an environment  conducive to growth and change. We assure the client they will receive  positive compassionate support to help create productive fulfilling lifestyle changes.





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